(宁夏回族自治区地震局,宁夏 银川 750001)

地震; 活动断裂; 缓冲区分析; 叠加分析; GIS; 银川盆地

Study on the Relationship between Earthquakes and Active Faults in Yinchuan Basin Based on GIS

(Earthquake Administration of Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region,Yinchuan 750001,Ningxia,China)

earthquake; active fault; buffer analysis; overlay analysis; GIS; Yinchuan Basin


在建立了银川盆地活动断裂和地震资料数据库的基础上,利用缓冲区分析、叠加分析和统计分析等方法,进行GIS支持下的地震与活动断裂关系的研究,探明了以20 km为半径的缓冲区内包含了约95%的地震,区内的近代地震主要沿全新世活动断裂分布,正断裂的单位地震数较高,在断裂交汇区地震分布较集中。研究结果表明,GIS技术是地震与活动断裂关系研究的有效手段。

Basing on the establishing active faults and database of seismic data in Yinchuan basin,we studied the relationship between the earthquakes and active faults by using GIS methods of buffer analysis,overlay analysis and statistical analysis etc.. We found that 95% of the earthquakes occurred in the buffer with the radius of 20 km,and the modern earthquakes were mainly distributed along the Holocene active faults in the study area. The number of units of the earthquake was higher in the normal faults,and the distribution of the earthquakes concentrated in fracture intersection area. The results demonstrate that the GIS technology is an effective mean to study the relationship between earthquakes and active faults.